A.org is a Social venture capital- a form of investment funding that provides seed-funding investment, usually in a for-profit social enterprise, in return to achieve a reasonable gain in financial return while delivering social impact to the world.

A.org established to create and scale new solutions to global development challenges. We apply business thinking to major social issues – and seek to leverage our skills and networks where possible to deliver greater development impact.

We works with entrepreneurial partners to identify the market failures that underpin many of the world’s problems and co-creates new social enterprises to solve them. We provide patient grant funding, technology, extensive business support and access to networks to help pioneers to validate new models, achieve financial independence and to expand across geographies.   

By applying this approach to major global challenges such as job creation, access to energy, food, finance and living, urban mobility and sustainable supply chains, we have created several strategic partners that are now delivering large-scale impact in multiple countries across the world.

A.org deviates from the traditional venture capital model, which focuses on simple risk and reward. However, we deploy a simple venture capital strategy model to fund non-profit events, social enterprises, or activities that deliver a high social impact or a strong social causes for their existence. 

While our focus is on identifying and investing in the best mission based entrepreneurs with the right solutions, we will occasionally act as entrepreneurs ourselves, creating companies that combine the right talent, capital, technology and models to further our mission.

Apart from the traditional venture capitalists focusing on just the financial profit, A.org as a social venture capitalists believe in achieving financial success through social impact to the world. 

A World of Positive Returns

For the past 25 years, A.org put the powerful tools of business and philanthropy to work in the creation of a triple bottom line economy. We provided investments, grants and collaborations (for entrepreneurs, investors and activists) in support of long-term societal solutions.

A.org launched in 1993, with a 50-year strategy, and a 500-year vision, to influence and support a shift from a “maximum financial return at any planetary cost” economy to one based on the health of communities and in which ecosystems are integrated into economic activities that prioritize the long-term well being of future generations.

A.org has leveraged capital to create a new model for change. At the core of our strategy is the belief that the many independent actors and organizations, across the for-profit and non-profit spectrum, will best gain strength through interdependent relationships of trust and respect.

In our investments, grants and collaborations, A.org has worked to create a new territory in which these new relationships are created and in which they can thrive. 

We maintain an “independent yet linked” relationship with our corporate founder so as to draw on specific technical and functional expertise, business tools and local networks where appropriate, in order to enhance our ability to achieve lasting public benefit. 

Our broader intention has always been to prioritize the greater good of society in the stewardship of wealth and influence. We hope that our example will encourage and guide others to invest, give and participate fully as citizens of the world, in accordance with their deepest beliefs.

Thank you for your interest,

Ben, Erica, Lily